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Abbi Jacobson Calls Out Amazon Over A League of Their Own Cancellation

Abbi Jacobson Calls Out Amazon Over A League of Their Own Cancellation

abbi jacobson

“To blame this cancellation on the strike, is bullshit and cowardly,” she said.

On Friday, Amazon Prime Video announced that it would be officially canceling its groundbreaking and award-winning show A League of Their Own after just one incredible season. Now, one of the show’s creators and stars is fighting back.

Amazon Prime Video had already insulted the critically-acclaimed and popular show by renewing it for a second season of just four episodes despite a huge number of fans begging for more. Now, the studio is kicking the show, and LGBTQ+ audiences, while they’re down.

The studio is claiming that the reason for the cancellation is because of the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes, placing all the blame on the unions and the hard-working people in them.

But neither fans, nor the show’s creators, are buying that.

“To blame this cancellation on the strike, (which is an essential fight for fair wages, protections and working conditions, etc…) is bullshit and cowardly,” the show’s star and co-creator Abbi Jacobson wrote on Instagram. “But this post isn’t about all that. About all the ways this show has been put through the ringer. Not today.”

“This post here is about the special show I was lucky to make with so many incredibly talented artists and actors and writers and crew,” she continued. “A show I’m so proud of. Filled to the brim with stories worth telling. Full of so much heart and soul and value.”

“What luck I have had to get to tell these stories and play this character I love so much. What a rare thing in life. And so I am sad today,” she also said in the post.

A League of Their Ownwas a very special show. It not only pushed queer media forward, but pushed all of television forward. With its large and diverse cast of women, it told stories we’ve never gotten to see before and told them with great aplomb.

Everything from the costumes and sets, to the casting and characters, to the writing and directing, and especially to the acting, was brilliant, and we won’t see another show like it for some time. It wasn’t just a great show, it was an important one.

A League of Their Own will go down in history with shows like Freaks and Geeks and My So-Called Life as all-time great shows that were unjustly canceled after just one season. But this time, there’s the bad taste of homophobia, misogyny, and union-busting mixed in. Shame on Amazon.

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