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Out is an outlet for the most prominent voices of the LGBT community, many of whom express opinions on culture, politics, gay news, and more on Read the latest op-eds from gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals like Michael Musto, Jesse Archer, Christopher Glazek, Michael Lucas, and more. Discover breaking gay news about topics important to the gay community such as legislation related to adoption, marriage equality, and hate crimes. Find out developments related to prominent LGBTs like Nate Silver, Barney Frank, Perez Hilton, Tammy Baldwin, Janet Mock, and more.

BenDeLaCreme Talks Heklina's Passing & Why Drag Isn't Going Anywhere

The Drag Race legend pens an essay for Out about her longtime friend and the state of anti-drag sentiment in the US.

Queer Style's Power to Fight Back Against Bigotry

Wearing the dress, the hairstyle, and the looks that express who you are is a triumphant expression of LGBTQ+ identity in the face of political vitriol.

Op-ed: Trans Women Deserve Better From Us

It’s International Women’s Day. What have you done to be a good ally to trans women?

Just a Reminder: Twinks Have to Be Gay

No, Leo DiCaprio was never a twink...

AI Art Gives Users Gender Euphoria—But It's Not Without Controversy

Out writer Saskia Maxwell Keller takes a look at the Lensa app through a trans lens.

4 Steps That Will Get You Through a Political Thanksgiving in Peace

Researchers have identified four steps to engaging with people who don't see eye-to-eye with you.

5 Major LGBTQ+ Wins Happened During the 2022 Midterm Elections

A handful of LGBTQ+ victories happened during this year's midterms — including the election of the United States' first out lesbian governor!

'Bros' Is Great & Deserves So Much Better Than Low Box Office Numbers

Hitting a ton of the classic romantic-comedy beats, Bros is heartfelt, emotional, and downright hilarious. So why isn't it doing better at the box office? 

Sandman Showed a Queer Character's Death—And It Wasn't a Harmful Trope

Compared to a recent death on HBO's House of the Dragon, the Netflix series is showing audiences a better way to handle the death of an LGBTQ+ character, one Out staffer writes. 

No, Amandla Stenberg Wasn't Homophobic For DMing Lena Wilson

By painting Stenberg as an aggressive homophobe, Wilson is playing into unfair stereotypes about Black women.

How the Recording Academy Is Queering the Grammys Behind the Scenes

The first out officer of the Recording Academy lifts the curtain on the movement toward LGBTQ+ inclusivity in music.

'Y: The Last Man' Will Include Trans Men—But What About Trans Women?

In a year when 34 trans people have been murdered, do we need a show where all trans women are killed off?

Cardi B Says 'Wild Side' Queerbaiting Claims Ignore Her Bisexuality

Is it time to adjust how we use the phrase "queerbaiting?"

Pride Media Taps David Artavia as New Editor in Chief of Out Magazine

Artavia is the former editor in chief of The Advocate, and previously helmed Plus and Chill magazines. 

Op-Ed: What We Lost When Kamala Harris Dropped Out

"I can’t wait to see her continue to prove what she’s capable of."

Op-Ed: Why We Believe Michael Bloomberg Should Be the Next President

“Like every fundamental civil right, equality is worth expanding and fighting for. And Mike doesn’t stop until the job is done and the fight is won.”

Op-Ed: Why I Believe Joe Biden Should Be the Next President

"We need a president who sees us. We need a president who believes in us."

Op-Ed: Why I Believe Elizabeth Warren Should Be the Next President

"The first step to a better future for LGBTQ+ Americans is getting Donald Trump out of the White House, but equally as important is what happens next."

More LGBTQ+ Couples Want Kids Than Ever. Can They Afford It?

"[T]here are millions of LGBTQ+ people struggling to find a path to parenthood in the face of financial insecurity, legal complexity, and continued discrimination."

Op-Ed: Why I Believe Cory Booker Should Be the Next President

"Cory... knows that beating Donald Trump is the floor, not the ceiling, of what we must achieve in 2020."