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Rebecca Black Reintroduces Herself on Debut Album Let Her Burn

Rebecca Black Reintroduces Herself on Debut Album Let Her Burn

Rebecca Black's album cover for 'Let Her Burn'
Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is ready to define herself, and her music, on her own terms.

After a decade in the music biz, Rebecca Black is ready to introduce herself.

With the release of her debut album Let Her Burn, the 25-year-old Mexican-American singer officially announces herself as one of queer pop’s it girls.

At this point in her career, the fact that she had a viral hit with “Friday” when she was just 13 is basically irrelevant. That song wasn’t hers, and it didn’t represent her.

While she’s recorded and released a lot of music since 2012, including the terrific 2021 EP Rebecca Black Was Here, this album is the culmination of her quest to find her own sound and carve out her own unique space in the overcrowded music scene.

“It's really exciting. I think a piece of me is like, ‘It's literally about time,’” Black tells Out about releasing Let Her Burn. “I've waited just as much as everyone else has, and it's weird. I guess I've spent half my life waiting for this moment to allow myself to really define me the way that I want to, and I definitely never felt as ready as I do now.”

The album, which features 10 tracks, including the already released “Crumbs,” “Look At You,” and “Sick to My Stomach,” is a confident and fun release from Black. With clever lyrics and fun hooks, the album demands repeat listens and never gets old. And it took Black a long time to get to a place where she could finally make it.

Rebecca Black - Crumbs (Official Music Video)The new single 'Crumbs' out now. Rebecca Black's upcoming debut album 'Let Her Burn' coming early ...

Black didn’t just have to face her own personal struggles to grow as an artist, she also faced a music business that judged her based on a song that came out when she was a child.

“I think because of my history, a lot of rooms I walked into in studios I walked into, I had to be like, ‘No, let's not be afraid. We can do this,’” she says about experimenting to find her sound. “And I think that became something that was a really important experience for me coming into when we finally finished this album. When we got close to finishing it I was truly the only one that could lead it in a way that felt right to me. So I had to find a way to do that.”

That new sound is diverse, with influences ranging from German music, to ambient, to pop.

“I also wanted to create something really sexy and dark and I guess communicate to the best of my ability who I feel like I am now,” she says.

“There's a lot of breakup songs on this record. There's also a lot of really beautiful, fresh, new beginnings thematically on this record,” she adds. “And I guess understanding my relationship with myself and how I resonate with my own queerness and the way that that can be complex of somebody who's coming into it in their 20s, and also finding a way to talk about it.”

Next up, she’s taking the album on tour. First going to Europe, and then the US. She’s excited to get to party with her fans and is excited to show some new sides to herself – including doing some choreography.

“I just released a song called ‘Sick to My Stomach’ that has kind of my first ever dialed into choreography, which is a huge part of this upcoming era,” she says. “So I'm trying to see people show up for the shows, knowing it with me.”

She’s also excited to continue growing and says that the future might hold new artistic endeavors.

“Maybe in the next couple years I'd love to broaden my horizons,” Black says. “And being a theater kid, that's always been something I've been interested in delving into potentially if the time was right and the thing was right and the story was connecting.”

Rebecca Black is currently on tour and her album Let Her Burn is out now.
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