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'Supporters of Robyn' Is the New 'Friends of Dorothy'

'Supporters of Robyn' Is the New 'Friends of Dorothy'

supporters of Robyn

The Philadelphia Phillies baseball team is leading a resurgence in the Calum Scott cover of "Dancing On My Own," but pop icon Robyn's original will ALWAYs prevail!

Who’s that man singing Robyn’s hit?

If you’ve tuned into the Philadelphia Phillies baseball games recently, you’ve probably heard the players and stadium singing along “I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her, why can’t you see me?” But what you may not know, is that they’re not singing along with Swedish pop icon Robyn and her 2010 hit "Dancing On My Own," but actually singing along with Calum Scott’s 2016 cover, specifically the Tiesto remix.

The Phillies actually aren’t the first MLB team to use the song. The tradition comes from Kyle Schwarber, who started listening to the song when he was with the Boston Red Sox in 2021. He then changed teams to be with Philadelphia, and brought the song with him.

Now, it’s become a staple at Phillies games as an anthem for being underrated, overlooked, and resilient.

We have to ask: why pick a slowed-down, less-intense, less-rousing version of the song than the original?

The Calum Scott/Tiesto version has a slower tempo, doesn’t reach the same heights, and doesn’t have the energy of the Robyn version, so it would seem like less of a fit for a baseball game. But I’m gay, not a baseball player, so what do I know?

Thankfully, plenty of other gays agree. And now, they’re using the #JusticeForRobyn hashtag to show their true loyalty.

In the past, “Friends of Dorothy” has been a classic way to refer to gay people, based on the beloved classic film The Wizard of Oz. Now, based on our undying support for Robyn, we’ve taken to calling ourselves “Supporters of Robyn.” And we’ll go down with Robyn’s ship.

Supporters of Robyn rise! Now is our time!

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