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Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Velma & Daphne Kissed in Scooby-Doo Film

Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Velma & Daphne Kissed in Scooby-Doo Film

Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Velma & Daphne Kissed in Scooby-Doo Film
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Release the Kiss Cut!

Release the Daphne and Velma Kiss Cut!

We’ve known for a while that Velma of Scooby-Doo fame is a queer icon, but according to one of the stars of the 2002 live-action Scooby-Doo movie, she had a deleted kiss with her best friend Daphne in that movie!

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, two fans got to ask Geller a question about the dynamic between Daphne and Velma in the 2002 live-action Scooby-Doo. While she said that the two weren’t in a relationship in the original version of the movie, she said that the characters did share a kiss.

“There was an actual kiss between Daphne and Velma that got cut,” the star revealed. “I feel like the world wants to see it. I don’t know where it is.”

Geller is absolutely right! Of course we want to see it! Where is the Kiss Cut?!?

Geller also revealed that another, not-so-savory, gay scene was cut out of the movie. Instead of showing a same-sex kiss, this other scene had a character use “gay” as an insult.

Geller explained that the insult came when her character was fighting with Freddie Prinze Jr.’s character.

“We were having a fight, Daphne and Fred, and then I yell at him, ‘And that ascot makes you look gay!’ And I slam the door and they cut that too,” she said. “That’s the reason I actually signed onto the movie.”

“It’s something everyone’s thought for a long time!” she continued. “There's always been an implication about Fred being interested in both parties. It all got cut.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar Reveals Deleted Moments From the Scooby-Doo Movie |

Velma has long been the subject of rumors about her sexuality, and James Gunn, who wrote the script for the live-action movie, said that he tried to make Velma a lesbian in his original script. "In 2001 Velma was explicitly gay in my initial script," he said. "But the studio just kept watering it down & watering it down, becoming ambiguous (the version shot), then nothing (the released version) & finally having a boyfriend (the sequel)."Velma has also been confirmed to be queer in the cartoon Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated and in the animated movie Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!. In the current HBO Max Velma cartoon, Velma and Daphne are both bisexual and have feelings for each other.
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