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Here's Why M3GAN Writer Thinks She’s a Gay Icon

Here's Why M3GAN Writer Thinks She’s a Gay Icon


And here's what Gay Twitter is saying about it.

M3GAN is one of the biggest movies in America right now -- and you can thank The Gays for that.

But what exactly is it about the film that has gays flocking to the theater and bringing the straights with them? According to M3GAN's writer Akela Cooper, the queer community is flocking to the movie because of its themes.

In a recent interview with SFX Magazine, Cooper said that she actually talked to a gay friend about the excitement in the community around her movie.

"I actually asked one of my friends who is a gay man about that and he was saying this set-up is actually found family, where this little girl has lost her family, and she has to go live with her aunt," she said. "Then this doll is also brought into the situation. That resonates for a lot of people in the gay community, the idea of found family."

As soon as news sites started reporting on Cooper's quote, gays across the internet chimed in with the real reason behind M3GAN's icon status.

While that is very definitely the theme of the movie (and we love it for its portrayal of two women raising a young girl together), that's not the reason we were first drawn to the movie - the found family theme is just the icing on the delicious, campy cake.

As Twitter user @kensucksss so eloquently put it, M3GAN didn't become an instant gay icon because of the themes of the movie, she was one the instant we saw the first trailer.

"It's actually because she's a fashionable, murderous, doll that does cute dances and says c*nty sh*t," they tweeted.

Thousands of other Twitter gays joined in, echoing the sentiment, and saying they've loved M3GAN since they first saw her silly little dance.

"This is funny because in any other circumstance, this would be a good analysis on why gays feel connected to a character due to the found family trope," Twitter user @LothWolffe wrote. "But in this case, they just liked her camp little dancey dance."

Writer JP Brammer went further, saying that gays see a little bit of themselves in M3GAN.

"No I think she's a freak in a wig who did a flip and that's how many of us imagine ourselves at our best," he tweeted.

To find out why you think M3GAN is a queer icon, you can see her movie, currently in theaters.

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