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Watch the Exclusive First Trailer For Gay Horror Movie 'They/Them'


Welcome to Whistler Camp!

Today marks the release of the first full trailer for Blumhouse's new conversion therapy slasher film They/Them (pronounced “They Slash Them”), and we’re in for one spooky summer camp.

Starring Theo Germaine as Jordan, a nonbinary youth trying to get emancipated from their unsupportive parents, They/Them follows a group of new campers at a conversion therapy camp in the woods when a masked killer starts terrorizing them.


Other campers include Alexandra (Quei Tann), a trans girl who’s parents are threatening to kick her out; Toby (Austin Crute), a gay camper who traded a week at camp for a trip to New York; Veronica (Monique Kim), a bisexual camper who wants to stop fighting who she is; Kim (Anna Lore), a closeted lesbian camper; Stu (Cooper Koch), a jock who doesn’t think he can get a swim scholarship while being gay; and Gabriel (Darwin del Fabro), a sensitive gay camper who’s tired of the bullying he’s faced his entire life.

The trailer gives us the best look at Whistler Camp, the gay conversion therapy summer camp where the campers will all be spending a week where they get to “just enjoy the sunshine and work on your tan,” and camp leader Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon) ominously puts it.

We’d previously gotten a short, one-minute teaser, introducing the idea of the camp, the people who run it, and the campers who will be subjected to its horrors. Now, we’ve seen a lot more. In the new, two-minute trailer, we get some specifics on the tone of the camp.

“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen,” Owen Whistler says, greeting the busload of queer youth. “I’m guessing that some of you, you’re not happy, maybe you don’t fit in. People make fun of you. Well, I can’t make you straight, but you give us this week, and we might be able to help.”

After Owen directs campers to the boys and girls cabins, we meet Jordan, who tells him, “I use they/them pronouns, as in…‘they can’t believe they’re at this camp.’”


This trailer also emphasizes the horror of the camp, and not just the mysterious murderer in the woods. There are scenes of abusive therapy sessions, someone being strapped into a chair, explorations of “traditional gender roles,” and tons of terrified faces.

“Do you think your parents are disappointed in you?” the camp therapist (Carrie Preston) asks Jordan. “So what do you do? You try to make yourself special. You become ‘they.’”

The film also stars Anna Chlumsky as the camp’s medic, and Quei Tann, Austin Crute, Monique Kim, Anna Lore, Cooper Koch, and Darwin del Fabro as the campers. It’s written by Oscar-, Tony-, and Emmy-nominated screenwriter/playwright John Logan (Gladiator, The Aviator, Hugo, Moulin Rouge! The Musical), who also makes his directorial debut.

“They welcome them, they see them, they hear them, they fear them,” the trailer says, before cutting to the title, They/Them.

They/Them will be out only on Peacock August 5. Watch the trailer below.

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