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Conversion Therapy

Disney Star Matthew Scott Montgomery Went to Conversion Therapy During His Days Off

The actor, who is best known for starring on Disney Channel shows such as So Random!, Shake It Up, and Austin & Ally, is opening up about his experience with conversion therapy.

Kevin Bacon & 'They/Them' Cast Talk the Horrors of Conversion Camp

The cast of Peacock and Blumhouse's new slasher flick chats with Out about representation, film, and the real-life horrors of conversion therapy camps.

Watch the Exclusive First Trailer For Gay Horror Movie 'They/Them'

“They welcome them, they see them, they hear them, they fear them, They/Them."

'Mean Girls' Star Daniel Franzese Opens Up About Conversion Therapy

“When I was 21, I put myself into conversion therapy.”

Watch the Teaser For Blumhouse's Conversion Camp Horror 'They/Them'

It's almost as scary as real-life conversion camps!

Colton Underwood Calls His 'Bachelor' Run 'Self-Conversion Therapy'

Before publicly coming out, the reality TV star was the subject of the 23rd season of the popular reality dating series.

Ex-Gay 'Freedom to March' Rally in Nation's Capital Was a Major Flop

"By the way they 'dance' you can tell right away they were never truly gay to begin with."

The Queen Announces Impending Conversion Therapy Ban in UK

“Measures will be brought forward to address racial and ethnic disparities and ban conversion therapy,”

Spain Proposes Conversion Therapy Fines, Easing ID Gender Changes

The draft bills would also eliminate sex testing for trans athletes and guarantee rights for trans students.

Russell Tovey's Dad Wanted Him to Do Hormones to 'Cure' the Gay

Things have certainly gotten better between the two.

Trump Appointed Judges Strike Down Ban on Conversion Therapy

The judges who made the decision are Trump appointees.

Ryan Murphy's Parents Sent Him To a Doctor to 'Cure' the Gay

Luckily for all involved, his psychiatrist knew better.

State Department Objected to Pomepo's Speech to Anti-LGBTQ+ Group

Family Policy Council is a noted supporter of conversion therapy.

Drag Race's Monique Heart Opens Up About Conversion Therapy Experience

The star went on ‘Hey Qween!’ to talk about her upbringing in Black churches.

Canada and New Zealand Seek to Ban Conversion Therapy

The debunked and harmful practice is slowly being pushed out globally.

Mexico City Has Outlawed Conversion Therapy

It has become the first city in the country to do so.

Gay Indian Prince Was Subjected to Electroshock Conversion Therapy

Now, Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil is calling for the practice to be banned

Celebs and Instagram Move to Block Conversion Therapy

The government had promised to end the practice in the United Kingdom two years ago, but now calls the issue "complex."

This Massive Conversion Therapy Network Is Disbanding

Hope for Wholeness announced to staff they are ceasing operations.