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UPDATE: Lady Gaga Confirmed To Star in Upcoming Joker Sequel

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UPDATE 8/4/2022: Lady Gaga is making her way to a superhero movie! 

According to a new report in Variety, the Grammy- and Oscar-winning pop icon turned actress just confirmed her participation in the upcoming sequel to director Todd Phillips' Joker film, Joker: Folie à Deux. Gaga will star opposite Joaquin Phoenix, who won a Best Actor Oscar in 2020 for his portrayal of the popular, troubled Batman villain. 

Gaga took to Twitter to announce the news earlier today, sharing a video with the film's official release date, October 4, 2024.

Read the original report about Gaga's talks to star in Joker: Folie à Deux below.

ORIGINAL 6/14/2022: You’ve heard of The Killing Joke — now get ready for the Slaying Joke!

In the only move that could’ve possibly convinced me to watch the recently announced sequel to Todd Phillips' Oscar-winning movie Joker, the icon herself, Lady Gaga, is now in talks to star opposite Joaquin Phoenix as the bisexual first lady of crime herself, Harley Quinn!

Phillips announced the sequel on his Instagram last week, posting a picture of the script for Joker with star Joaquin Phoenix reading the script. The phrase “Folie à Deux” means a shared delusion or mental illness, the perfect name for a movie about the Joker and Harley.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Grammy- and Oscar-winner Lady Gaga is in talks to join the sequel as the Joker’s partner in love and crime. But wait, the news gets even more gag-worthy: THR’s sources also say the sequel will be a musical!!!

Now, obviously, Harley Quinn already exists in the DCEU played perfectly by Margot Robbie, but this Quinn would be a different version, one that’s probably more grounded in realism and darkness, like the first Joker film. But also, this one will apparently sing? Honestly, we can’t wait to see this.

Another difference is that Robbie’s Quinn has emancipated herself from the Joker, and is out exploring her bisexuality. Robbie wants to make another Harley Quinn movie and has talked about introducing a romance with her comic book girlfriend, Poison Ivy.

The first Joker film was a deeply hetero movie, focusing on a dark and edgy story about a man struggling to feel empowered and masculine in a cruel world. The additions of Gaga and some musical numbers would definitely go a long, long, LONG way in making the movie more queer-friendly.

Phoenix, who played the Joker in the first film, won an Oscar for his performance, and after A Star Is Born and House of Gucci, we know Gaga is working her ass off to earn her first acting Oscar. Could this movie be the project that gets her there?

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