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Matt Rogers Reveals Potential Ideas for Fire Island 2 Sequel

Matt Rogers Reveals Potential Ideas for Fire Island 2 Sequel


"We would all be excited about doing a sequel, but only if everyone could be there," the actor noted.


Actor and comedian Matt Rogers is spilling behind-the-scenes tea about Hulu's hit rom-com Fire Island - and the possibility of a sequel.

The film came out this past summer on the streaming platform to critical acclaim. It follows a gaggle of gays as they "gather in the Fire Island Pines for their annual week of love and laughter, but when a sudden change of events jeopardizes their summer in gay paradise, their bonds as a chosen family are pushed to the limit." Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, Margaret Cho, Conrad Ricamora, and Matt Rogers star in the film.

Six months later, Rogers is ready to spill the tea. "The messiest thing I can tell you? Let's just say this: there should've been a camera crew documenting on Fire Island because I think it would've been more entertaining than the movie," he shared with Gay Times.

"I say that with all the love in the world for the movie, I just think this would've been really good. It was a very meta experience. We are gays on Fire Island together. It really added to the sense of reality and the sense of camaraderie amongst the cast that, while we were shooting it, we were really on Fire Island having a Fire Island experience."

He didn't share any more specifics, but Rogers calls it a "magical place where you leave behind any answering to the norm or any sort of heterosexual voice in your head at all or patriarchal, homophobic voice. It is a haven for queer people. When you get there, something in your DNA changes a little bit. Of course, as the movie depicts, there are all sorts of hierarchies and bullsh*t to navigate, but you give yourself permission to have an experience when you go there. Shooting the film was both a meta experience but also a very real Fire Island experience. We left it all with very close friendships with each other and those things don't go away just because you're not actually there on vacation."

But is a sequel in the works? Not yet, but possibly...

"There was some talk in the immediate aftermath of the movie about a sequel, but I think a couple of things have to happen for that to become a reality, which is that Joel Kim has to think of an idea that he and Andrew both like; that it feels like it's actually worth it. Also, they gotta pay!"

But storyline options are being discussed. "There was some talk about the sequel being James Scully and Bowen Yang's wedding in Provincetown and that we all go back and for some reason we run into the characters that were from the first movie. It would be a really interesting continuation. The truth is, you do pull away from the dock, watch them dance and you do wanna know what's next. That is, I think, a compliment to the ensemble and the wonderful script. You do fall in love with the characters by the end. More than just the characters, their group dynamic was worth following. We would all be excited about doing a sequel, but only if everyone could be there. And only if it felt like the script was saying something just as important and fun and that we could all feel really good about doing. Otherwise, it's fine as a standalone movie."

Rogers is right, the film is great on its own, but let's start manifesting this sequel. If enough of us put it out into the universe...

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