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Taylor Frey & Kyle Dean Massey Ring in the Holidays With New Gay Rom-Com

Taylor Frey & Kyle Dean Massey Ring in the Holidays With New Gay Rom-Com

Taylor Frey and Kyle Dean

The actors and real-life husbands are making the Yuletide gay!

Taylor Frey and Kyle Dean Massey are donning their gay apparel!

The beautiful couple is bringing more LGBTQ+ representation and love into everyone's homes on their new film A Christmas to Treasure.

As the third Lifetime holiday movie centering on a gay holiday romance, the couple is beyond excited to showcase their love on screen.

"It's been a bit of a hot topic issue in the last couple weeks. Any type of queer representation in holiday movies is apparently not allowed, so the fact that we have this movie coming out... I'm so proud of it. I want everyone to watch it," Massey tells Out.

A Christmas to Treasure follows a group of friends as they reunite for one final hometown holiday treasure hunt. As the search unfolds and fond childhood memories are relived, sparks fly once again between Frey and Massey's characters.

"It's a love story. It's a classic holiday love story. What's really exciting about this one is coming out and all of those things aren't at the forefront. This is a normal relationship. It's pretty true to our personalities and the roles were kind of written for us," Frey adds.

The hubbies are enjoying every moment together, as they recently celebrated their sixth anniversary and even welcomed their beautiful daughter, Rafa Massey-Frey, on Halloween last year.

"Taylor and I have been together for over 10 years and we've never worked on a project together. The fact that we are playing opposite each other is really exciting for both of us. Going into the holidays, it's just so exciting to have a little person in the house. Fatherhood has been more exciting and wonderful than either of us even expected. Taylor's a great dad. I love being a parent with him. We got blessed with the best daughter you could possibly ask for. I know we're biased, but she's perfect in every way," Massey says.

With this year being the second holiday season they'll spend together as family, Frey is excited to start new holiday traditions in his own home.

"My favorite tradition is something that my parents always did for us Christmas Eve. You open a book and get in your PJ's. Of course we'll have a little spiked cider, sit by the fireplace, and read by the tree. That's something that I'd love to implement with my own family, minus the alcohol for my daughter," Frey explains.

Although LGBTQ+ representation in cinema dropped this year, the husbands are thrilled that people have an opportunity to see a modern gay romance on screen.

"There was nothing for me growing up in Arkansas. I never even thought I would have a boyfriend, much less get married, have a child, and be in a gay Christmas movie with my husband. That's so beyond what my expectations were, that it almost seems comical to think about it now," Massey says.

"I love being gay. It has given me the most magical life and existence I could have ever wished for. Even if the screen stays on accidentally and some conservative family leaves it on and some kids sees that, I just hope that puts a band-aid on their heart for the time being," Frey concludes.

A Christmas to Treasure premieres tonight on Lifetime. To see the full interview with Taylor Frey and Kyle Dean Massey, check out the video below.

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