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Disney's New Encanto Trailer Has Lots of This Big, Buff Lesbian Icon

Disney's New Encanto Trailer Has Lots of This Big, Buff Lesbian Icon

luisa in Encanto

The upcoming animated film stars Stephanie Beatriz as the lone member of her family without magical powers.

There's a new trailer for Disney's Encanto, and it is giving the lesbians what we need!

Encanto stars bicon and new mother Stephanie Beatriz, who recently appeared as one-half of the lesbian salon couple in the musical film In The Heights. In the upcoming animated movie, Beatriz plays the one lone member of the Madrigal clan who doesn't have magical powers granted to her by the family's house, Casa Madrigal.

But when the house starts to lose its magic, and the family starts losing theirs, it's up to Mirabel to go on a quest to save her family and her home.

Back when the first trailer for Encanto came out, WLW social media was immediately in love. But it wasn't the main character that caught our eye, it was her big, buff, super-tough sister Luisa, who has the power of super-strength.

the Madrigal family in Encanto

It's so rare for women to be drawn with that kind of muscle and bulk, and even rarer that they're drawn that way and also portrayed as attractive, so immediately, lesbians latched on.

In the new trailer, we see a whole lot more of Luisa than in the first! She lifts up a bridge, carries a whole drove of burros, and spends lots of time with the movie's hero! Hopefully this means she'll be a bigger part of the film than we first thought!

In the movie, Mirabel must go on a quest to save her family's magic, and this preview makes it look like Luisa goes with her, at least part of the way. Lusia is seen holding hands with Mirabel and jumping across chasms, holding her while they dangle from a precarious ledge, and even fighting a giant Cerberus-type monster alongside her.

luisa in Encanto

Yes, Lusia, our lesbian icon of strength, gets a sword and a shield to fight the monster! This is literally a lesbian dream. Sword Lesbians rise up! It's all happening!

Luisa is played by actress Jessica Darrow, who joins Beatriz, Maria Cecilia Botero, Angie Cepeda, Wilmer Valderrama, Diane Guererro, and John Leguizamo in the film, with Lin Manuel Miranda writing several songs.

Encanto will be released in theaters this Thanksgiving. Watch the all-new trailer below!

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