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Indya Moore Stars in Terrifying New Escape Room Trailer

Indya Moore in Escape Room

Pose star Indya Moore is ready to move from Femme Queen to Scream Queen!

There’s a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated horror sequel Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, starring one of our faves, Indya Moore, and we can’t stop watching!

In the film, everyday people get trapped in complex and deadly escape rooms where one must solve the puzzle or die. Moore plays Brianna, a new character in the movie who we don’t know much about. This is their first foray into horror and we are sitting on the edge of our seats in excitement about it! 

At the beginning of the trailer, we see Zoey and Ben from the first movie (played by Taylor Russell and Logan Miller) in New York City trying to find out more about the company that tried to kill them, Minos. They’re riding on a subway train with other characters, including Brianna, when they realize they’ve walked right into another deadly escape room.

That’s when they all realize that everyone in the car has something in common: they’ve all been in these deadly escape rooms before. Now they have to team up, not only to survive the killer rooms and puzzles, but to find out who’s behind the mysterious Minos.

The new challenges include everything from laser grids, to flooding rooms, quicksand traps, and even a crashing airplane and simulated New York City streets. It’s a big upgrade from the original.

The first Escape Room was a surprise horror hit, making over $155 million worldwide on just a $9 million budget, and becoming one of the most buzzed-about horror movies of the past five years. As soon as a sequel was announced, horror fans everywhere took notice.

Moore has been absolutely killing it on the final season of Pose, where they’ve been starring as Angel Evangelista for the last three years. Now that that show has reached its conclusion, it will be exciting to see what Moore does next.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is being directed by the first film’s director, Alex Robitel, and features a script by Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik. The film also stars Thomas Cocquerel, Holland Roden, and Isabelle Fuhrman.

Watch the trailer for Escape Room: Tournament of Champions below, and see the film only in theaters July 16.

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