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Sony Reportedly Wants a Bisexual Spider-Man in an Upcoming Movie

Tom Holland in Spider-Man 3.

Where are the queers?! We would like to see them.

Last year, Tom Holland told the world that he would like to see a gay Spider-Man. It was a part of a video interview for GQ and he said he thought it would “be a very progressive way to kind of create a new character.” He also went on to say that he hoped to one day share a screen with that character. Well, it looks like Sony is on one accord with him. Mostly.

According to We Got This Covered sources, Sony is interested in bringing a bisexual Spider-Man into the Spider-verse. Those sources, who apparently are the same ones who leaked other now confirmed information about various superhero projects, say that Sony wants to have Holland and former Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, into the same film. Garfield would come back as bisexual. The best part: according to these rumors, they aren’t looking to just do lip service to the sexuality. Garfield’s character would have a boyfriend!

We Got This Covered points out that Garfield has previously said that he thought Spider-Man could be gay, so maybe he’s the one that should inject a little queerness into the role. Sure, he isn’t bisexual himself that we know of, and we would prefer a queer actor play the role, but a little something is better than nothing. 

Apparently there’s no decisions made yet, and it’s all just conversation but it’s fun to think about, particularly all the other queerness being injected into the canon. 

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