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Aubrey Plaza's 'Happiest Season' Character Deserved Better

Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza in Happiest Season

As did Kristen Stewart.

Happiest Season is the holiday rom com dividing lesbian internet this week, but there's one thing nearly everyone can agree upon: Kristen Stewart should've ended up with Aubrey Plaza instead of Mackenzie Davis. Period.

Reviews for Clea DuVall's lesbian Christmas romantic comedy are mixed, with many praising the film's authentic representation, brilliant cast, and great humor. Others feel the movie focuses too much on queer trauma and gay shame, and rewards an unhealthy relationship built on lies. But viewers are unanimous in their praise of one person's performance and character: Aubrey Plaza's Riley, a doctor and former girlfriend of Mackenzie Davis' Harper who was outed and ostracized by her when people at school found out about their relationship.

Ok, let's address the gay elephant in the room. Plaza was mind blowingly hot in this movie. She's a doctor, she wears amazing suits, she's funny and sassy and a great listener. Have you seen her face?! She was all a lot of queer people could pay attention to, and all lesbian internet was talking about over the extended holiday weekend.

But that's not the only reason, she and Abby, played by Kristen Stewart, should end up together. They have so much in common! Both were kept in the closet by Harper, both of them had to watch as she denied being gay in front of people rather than admit she loved them. That's a lot of trauma to bond over and there's nothing lesbians love more than trauma bonding!

The actors also have amazing chemistry in the film, sharing glances and smiles that only queer actors would share. There's a lot of lesbian eye contact in this one, folks. I think we all want someone to look at us the way Riley looks up at Harper at the Christmas party. You know what look I'm talking about.

Plaza and Stewart are both queer, and theres no denying they have chemistry that Stewart and Davis don't have, even with a six inch height difference. That's undoubtedly one of the great parts of the movie -- seeing out actors take writing and direction from a lesbian and watching them do great things with it.

The fact is, Abby is much too good for Harper, not because she stayed in the closet for so long, but because she lied to her partner about it, refused to communicate, and then forced her girlfriend into the partner with her. Abby deserves her rom com happy ending with someone who is honest, who won't surprise her with lies, someone who looks at her and takes her breath away. That someone is Riley.

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