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Kevin Carnell Test Drives Tom of Finland's Underwear Collection

Kevin Carnell Test Drives Tom of Finland's Underwear Collection

He tried them out, took photos, and reported back.

Buying a new pair of underwear, let's be honest, can be a little frustrating. Maybe you try all of the different brands out there, but for the majority of us, we stick to the same handful of labels and cuts that we know work for our respective bodies. Here, we have "hot guy around Instagram" and AIDS/LifeCycle participant Kevin Carnell try on CDLP's collaboration with the Tom of Finland Foundation. Generally a fan of brands like Aronik -- "I like minimal branding because I don't believe in free marketing." -- and Charlie by Matthew Zink --"Great fit," -- here are his thoughts on the designs.

Kevin Carnell

CDLP X Tom of Finland Tanga Brief - $60 (white)

When I tried on the white pair, they had a snug feeling. I've tried a lot of underwear and swimsuit brands where I have to fluctuate in my sizing, but this was definitely true to size. My build, specifically, I have a smaller waist and bigger legs so when it comes to trying to find underwear that will not only get past my thighs but stay on my waist, that's a huge thing. This white pair was amazing. It was very comfortable around the groin area. It wasn't too tight or loose anywhere. They are definitely a pair of underwear that you can wear for a full day -- I have some that are more for a date night or just a few hours -- but these were breathable, comfortable, and I didn't find myself having to adjust anything. They also really held their shape. I obviously wouldn't exercise in these because they are white, but going through my regular, nine-to-five workday, they held up.

Whenever it comes to underwear or swimwear, I prefer a thinner cut, not anything too thick. This pair was kind of in-between. It wasn't thick where it felt like a diaper, but it also didn't feel like it was a bikini. It felt like my thighs had the opportunity to move without talking to one another and being too close -- because that's definitely a thing.

CDLP X Tom of Finland Jockstrap - $85 (black)

I love the pouch. Obviously with a jockstrap, you don't have that much fabric left outside of that. But I loved that the pouch kept everything in one place. And again, with me being bigger legs, smaller waist, even with jocks, it's about finding whether it's going to be a tight or looser fit. This pair was able to hold around my waist, but also the back of my legs as well and my ass. I feel like they still had support. The straps didn't loosen throughout the day. I didn't feel like I had to adjust it or move it to where it was more comfortable.

I wouldn't wear this one all day; this is definitely a sexier pair of underwear. It's sort of that "you're going on a date, and you don't know where it's going to go" situation. This is not a pair that I'm going to go walk the dog in.

Some brands like Bike make it so the straps look like handlebars and that's not really my thing. These straps didn't look like that at all. I know that's a big thing for some people, but these were thinner than that. I'm going to wear a jock, I don't prefer it to go above my waistband. This fits right on my waist, right above the crease.

- as told to Mikelle Street

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