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Daily Crush: J.W. Anderson's 'Paolo' T-Shirt by Alasdair McLellan

Paolo T-shirt JW Anderson Alasdair McLellan

From souvenir aprons adorned with a strategically-placed closeup of Michaelangelo's David to Vivienne Westwood's infamous cowboy tee, the penis in fashion has proven to be a lucrative business. It's only natural, then, that J.W. Anderson would jump on the trend. With male nude aficionado Alasdair McLellan to back him in this special collaboration, the iconoclast designer is releasing a "classic T-shirt" with a printed image of Paolo, a gorgeous model wearing nothing.

Paolo Alasdairmclellan

The NSFW pic is also available as a limited-edition poster, along with two additional full-frontals (link also NSFW) taken from a recent Man About Two issue shot by McLellan. Something to be expected with an escort of such caliber: "Paolo" comes with a pricetag ($165), but on the plus side, you can wear it to the bone.

"Paolo" T-shirt by J.W.Anderson, $165, available for pre-order now at

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