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GIF-cap: ‘Looking Top to Bottom’

GIF-cap: ‘Looking Top to Bottom’


The boys get into a scrum

This week on Looking, the tables are turned on just about everyone and our favorite gays of San Francisco suddenly find themselves exploring new roles in life. For most, the results are quite pleasant--and in Patrick's case, quite rough--but this wouldn't be Looking without some cautionary tale. And topping comes with a price.

When it comes to Patrick, there's no doubting that he is the very definition of a power bottom. (Although he claims to be "versatile.") His special power includes a "self-cleaning oven," which apparently means he's ready to go at a moment's notice. (See the fuck fest in the woods. There was no prepping there.)



Although his adventures in bottoming do lead to funny and--let's face it--familiar moments like this.


But when it comes to his affair with Kevin, Patrick actually has no power. Their relationship, while cherished by Patrick, is built solely around Kevin's availability--both emotionally and physically. They never have sex at either one's apartments, for example. There are no sleepovers. And there's no publicity. That is until the moment Kevin's boyfriend, Jon, is out of town. With the main distraction out of the way, Patrick and Kevin go public.


Like, really public.


And the dynamic changes in bed as well. Patrick tops Kevin despite being as "fresh as a mountain stream."

While playing house may have its momentary bliss, it's ruined when Kevin calls Jon. And Patrick listens in. Yes hunty; even when he's with you, he's still thinking about him.


There's also a shift in Dom and Lynn's relationship, when it becomes apparent that Lynn is meddling with Dom's plans. This discovery, however, only comes after a game of rugby.

Yes, out of nowhere, Dom joins the San Francisco Fog RFC and is about to make his debut on the pitch. (BTW, the SF Fog is a real team one of its players, Brad Thorson, was featured in the 2014 Out100.)


Thankfully, Kevin's newfound public-ness with Patrick means he's there to explain how the game works.

And, as luck would have it, Dom gets roughed up and even scores a try. Sadly it doesn't come with a Zulu Warrior run. But it did come with some very noticeable penis in the shower and the introduction of an otter named Matthew, who, it turns out, ate at Dom's pop-up restaurant. (He's played by Matthew Risch.)


And spills the news that Lynn was trying to get Dom a restaurant manager position. For those keeping track, this does not fall in line with Dom's peri peri chicken dreams. Dom's attempt to be an adult really does feel like the gay version of Varsity Blues.


As for Agustin, this was a quiet episode for him. It largely served to show some semblance of humanity. First, he makes a mends with Richie (and shaves off that ratchet beard).


Then, he explores his budding friendship with Eddie.


Eddie stakes his claim as the no-nonsense, sassy one of the bunch. He's basically the gay bear version of Doris.


And speaking of Doris--she also got to enjoy something new: a rim job. But it shouldn't come as a surprise, everyone's doing it, even Marnie on Girls.

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