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Jessica Lange May Cover David Bowie But Says She's No Singer

Jessica Lange May Cover David Bowie But Says She's No Singer


The actress on up her AHS musical numbers and finding new layers four seasons in

Photo: FX

When Ryan Murphy first approached Jessica Lange with the idea for American Horror Story, he promised the actress the opportunity to play a fascinating character. Four seasons -- and two Primetime Emmy Awards -- later, Lange is what she describes as the most dimensional character yet. "I think she's the most complete," the actress tells E! Online. "Because we're really exploring her history too, that lends--I mean, it just adds so much more to when we're playing scenes in the present to have an idea of the kind of tragedy that this woman suffered in the past."

That tragedy for Elsa Mars, the owner of this the country's last remaining freak show (readers who haven't caught up on Freak Show should turn away now), includes losing bother of her legs while making a snuff film. "We're touching on stuff that's so horrific," Lange says of the flashback, "but I think they did it delicately enough so we didn't see the legs actually coming off and limbs flying and blood splattering. I felt we didn't need that."

Despite the dark nature of AHS, Lange has wowed fans with her musical performances that have added a camp element to both the series and her characters of the years.

"I've never thought of myself as a singer," she says of the recurring performances, which include "Name Game" in Asylum and covers of David Bowie and Lana Del Rey in Freak Show, "not even a singer -- but someone who could sing. So this has been kind of like an extraordinary experience to actually do it, and then do it like a big musical number, [Laughs.] like some kind of rock star. Yeah, it's been kind of crazy."

With only five episodes down, there's still lot to more of Elsa to explore and hopefully more musical numbers to come. Yet, fans will have to soak it all in as Lange reportedly is leaving after the season is over. The actress opens up to E! about her decision and the biggest challenges she's faced on the series. Read the complete interview here.

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