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Fund This: Alan Brown’s Erotic Thriller, In the Studio

Fund This: Alan Brown’s Erotic Thriller, In the Studio


The Five Dances director takes to Kickstarter to find funding for what he calls his "most personal film" yet

Director Alan Brown -- who's directed both Private Romeo, a retelling of the Shakespearean classic set amid an all-male friend group that becomes divded when two of its members become boyfriends, and Five Dances, about a young dancer from the Midwest who moves to New York and becomes torn between his family and his new male lover -- is taking to Kickstarter for his most personal film yet.

Titled In the Studio, the project centers around a visual artist who finds himself in desperate straits when he's abandoned by both his long-time girlfriend and his gallery. Forlorn, he takes to Craigslist and begins inviting strangers into his home to shoot their video portraits. However, as these strangers begin revealing their most closely guarded secrets and desires to him, the lines between his art and his life blur, leading to frightening, erotic, and violent results.

Following the examples set by prior single-location suspense driven thrillers such as Hitchcock's Rope and Rear Window as well as French director Alain Guiraudie's recent gay thriller Stranger by the Lake, In the Studio is shot and takes place almost entirely within the walls of an actual Brooklyn artist's studio, creating a tense world where strangers change the course of each other's lives.

Starring House of Card's Nathan Darrow and Kathleen Chalfant, Scandal's Susan Pourfar, and Muckland's Alex Kramer, the film is set to begin shooting this fall. With a $50,000 goal, any donations will help the team acquire props, wardrobe, lighting, and provisions for the cast and crew. Watch the Kickstarter appeal below:

Those interested in contributing can do so at the project's Kickstarter page.

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