#TBT: Nick Gruber's Cheeky Pool Party

#TBT: Nick Gruber's Cheeky Pool Party

Not too long ago, Nick Gruber was famous for being famous. A familiar face on the scene, Gruber was someone you saw at events, parties or even on porn websites. And then he dated Calvin Klein. The relationship (and subsequent breakup) became fodder for tabloids (and Out.com alike). For awhile in 2012, it seemed like you couldn't click on Gawker or other sites without seeing Gruber's name in the headlines.  

All the attention surrounding the personal trainer even inspired a cheeky photo shoot for Out's Love Issue. Joined by Lorenzo Martone (famous for being Marc Jacob's ex), porn star Blu Kennedy, jewelry designer Mark Peddigrew, and fetishwear designer David Mason, Gruber and this crew made up New York City's finest posse of gays.

SLIDESHOW | New York's Finest

While the attention surrounding Gruber has cooled, it doesn't mean he or the others guys from the shoot have completely disappeared from headlines. Martone is now designing bikes, Peddigrew's designs can be seen on the red carpet and Mason has turned unicorns into courture. 

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