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Throwback Thursday

Whitney Houston's Greatest GIFs of All Time

We will always love you, Whitney.

#TBT: *NSYNC Does Spice Girls Drag

This video was never released in America but we wish it had been.

#TBT: The Original 'Born This Way'

"I'm happy, I'm carefree, and I'm gay!/I was born this way!"

#TBT: Cher—Broadway Baby

With new developments in Cher: The Musical, let's take a look back at the diva's greatest performances from her eponymous '70s variety show. 

#TBT: Bob the Drag Queen Serves Viola Davis Realness

Why couldn’t he have just added one more character to his Snatch Game repertoire?

#TBT: Naomi Campbell's Community Service Fashion Show

On March 23, 2007, Naomi Campbell strutted out of a NYC sanitation garage wearing Dolce & Gabbana and no f***s.

#TBT: Remembering Blaine and Greg's 'Cruel Intentions' Romance

Perhaps 'romance' is a little strong?

#TBT: Whitney Houston's The Greatest GIFs of All

We will always GIF you. 

TBT: 9 Things Janet Jackson's Control Gave the World

This is a story about Control.

Never Forget: Rihanna's Destiny's Child Tribute

Before Antileaked dropped, RiRi lost her breath for Beyoncé.

#TBT: Tom Hardy, Greatest Male Model of the '90s

Don't act like you still wouldn't hit it. 

Andy Cohen’s #TBT Makes Us Crave Summer

…and an Andy Cohen/ Anderson Cooper sandwich.

#TBT: Ellen Page Makes Fun of Lesbian Rumors on SNL

Before she was, in fact, a 'primo lesbian.'

Throwback Thursday: Tom Ford Is a Towel-Snapper

In honor of Ford's birthday, we revist his racy photo shoot for our 2007 cover story

#TBT: Vogue Italia's 'Black Issue'

Back to 'Black'

#TBT: 'The Lives, Deaths and Afterlives of Judy Garland'

You Must Remember This' fascinating exploration of Judy Garland's tumultuous final years, role as a gay icon and her part in the Stonewall Riots. 

#TBT: Whitney Houston at the Pier Dance, 1999

16 years ago The Voice set the standard for all Pier Dance performers to follow.

#TBT: Robyn vs. Robin S — The Battle of the 'Show Me Loves'

Deciding once and for all — who showed more love?