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Buck Angel's Wife Now Claims He's Not A Man


Elayne Angel, the estranged wife of adult film star Buck Angel, now claims their marriage isn't legit


Some of the most moving scenes of Mr. Angel, Dan Hunt's documentary about the California-born trans porn pioneer Buck Angel, are when we witness the intimate bond between Elayne Angel, his professional piercer wife, at home in Mexico and traveling together as the couple lets movie cameras follow them in an effort to explain why he's a man with a vagina and to better understand the obstacles he's overcome on his way to being an educator and advocate.

That's why it's disheartening to read the news that Elayne Angel is now estranged from Buck and, according to TMZ, she claims she shouldn't have to pay spousal support since, under Louisiana law (the state where the two were married), their marriage isn't legal because Buck never had sex reassignment surgery--meaning he never had an operation to give him a penis--and the state doesn't recognize same-sex marriages.
As Buck told Michael Musto last November in an interview, he loves his vagina:

"...we as trans men are told that we have to have a penis to be a man and then we are brainwashed to think that way. In fact, I was once that way, but I was lucky enough to have been able to release myself from those thoughts. I once received an email from someone who asked me if I would ever get the penis surgery. I said, "No, because I am so comfortable now and I do not feel the need."

Elayne-angelIn the documentary, Elayne (pictured, at left) asserts that Buck is indeed a man. That's why this news seems so disappointing. As Buck told Musto:

"I am not a woman with a penis. I think we deal with different experiences, for sure. If you think about it, trans women have given up 'male privilege' to become the woman they have always wanted to be. That has to have an effect on them somehow. For me and guys like me, we have now been given 'male privilege.' I get to do things I never got to do before as a gay woman. In some ways it has made my life easier, that's for sure."

According to the TMZ report, Buck is looking for $2,000 in monthly spousal support from Elayne.

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