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PHOTOS: The Hunks of From Here On Out

PHOTOS: The Hunks of From Here On Out


The beefy boys of Here TV’s new steamy sitcom, From Here On Out, share their favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the new series.

As Here TV's new sitcom, From Here On Out, gears up for its March 28 release date, the hunky stars of the series cuddled up with us for a chat about their favorite behind-the-scenes moments, working with the outstanding cast (including Emmy-winner Juliet Mills), and how they felt the first time they saw the debut episode.

The show is set in a highly fictionalized version of Here TV, the network owned by the same parent company as Out magazine.

T.J. Hoban (Sam Decker)
Leading man in a fictional Here TV show called "Guy Dubai: International Gay Spy," Decker convinces everyone he's gay to keep the part.

On his most memorable blooper during filming:"It was during the filming of 'Kill Or Be Kilt' when Suzanne Whang repeatedly asked in the Korean voice of Divina with a scottish accent, 'Would you like a damn of whiskey?' It took every fiber in my being not to crack during filming."

On personal challenges he faced while filming: "I had to kiss a guy and show my butt, two things I've never done before. That was definitely a challenge. Believe it or not I'm shy by nature. I had to get over that real quick. But, the struggles that I had in real life as an actor parallel those of my character Sam Decker. So I believe those feelings actually served me well, and when you watch you'll see that I'm not faking it."

Adrian Gonzalez (Rico)

On how he felt the first time he saw a completed episode: "I was excited and nervous. It's always weird watching yourself on screen. My character in particular isn't wearing much most of the time and always in very 'shy' situations, so I was more nervous than usual."

On his favorite character in the series: "Love Divina! She's a trip, literally. Suzanne Whang is an amazing actress and just went all out with her character choices and really brought Divina to life."

Michael Lanham (Brad)

On the best part of playing Brad: "It's been so much fun! Working with so many talented people has taught me a lot as well. But mostly it's just been a blast being so inappropriate and encouraged to do so."

On the craziest thing he did on set:"One day, when Suzanne Whang (dressed as Divina) arrived on set, I don't know what came over me, but I just picked her up and started throwing her up in the air and catching her like a little baby girl. It was awesome!"

Jesse Pepe (Sean)

On stripping down for a scene: "It's definitely a strange feeling seeing your junk on film. It was a judgment call for me going into the project, but I didn't feel all that uncomfortable about it. It still wasn't as weird as I thought when watching the second episode, which was nice."

On his favorite moment in the series: "Definitely watching Suzanne Whang shoot her 'Bad Audition' scene in the first episode. She is so damn funny. She had every member of the cast and crew dying."

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Emrhys Cooper (Haggis)

On the first time he saw the debut episode: "I was in stitches, then I thought, 'oh my God, my mom will see my ass on TV.'"

On filming those "nude" scenes: "I have to say putting on a modesty sock which covers your private parts, was a pretty interesting experience. I had a scene where my kilt blows up and the audience is supposed to think I am completely naked, but the other actors were looking at my modesty sock. Let's just say it didn't cover up that much."

Junade Khan (Derek)

On his hopes for the series: "With any comedy you worry if it will be funny, but I think this is so funny! I hope people will enjoy watching it and have a giggle."

On his favorite filming location for the series: "I enjoyed the filming locations at the producer's house. It was like a holiday resort and had a lot of history. Charlie Chaplin used to live there apparently."

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