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The Before-and-After Pics of the Phony Duck Dynasty Clan


Is Phil Robertson hateful? Yes. Are he and his family fakes? Take a look at these before-and-after-TV photos and decide.

Duck Dynasty "patriarch" (who uses that word except cult types?) hates gays, is enormously racially oblivious, and probably hates women too. But that last part is just a guess.

A&E suspended Robertson for saying some terrible things to GQ and getting caught on tape saying even more hateful things to a congregation in Pennsylvania. But A&E, in a race to the bottom of the cavern of crassness, relented and reinstated Robertson, prompting even the likes of TV conservative "Morning" Joe Scarborough to respond, "As predicted early. Biggest bias in LA is $$$."

Haters they may be, richer and getting richer they certainly are, but they're also apparently big fakers. The bearded, folksy, backwoodsy, daddy-uncle-cousin types, the sons in the Duck Dynasty clan weren't ever thus.

Just before Christmas comedian Dusty Smith posted a YouTube video on the crassness of the duck dudes' desire to worship mammon and their general ignorance of the stuff that's actually in the bible.
He included the pre-TV show images of this clan's sons, contrasted with their current personae. Note the subtle made-for-TV differences in the images?

Jep now:

Jep and family before:

Jase now:

Jase before:

Willie now:

Willie before:

A&E may have forgiven your papa for his hate speech (and we could even bring ourselves to forgive you for the frosted tips, Willie -- who among us hasn't so sinned?) but should LGBT and black viewers forgive Robertson?

H/T Americans Against the Tea Party

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