Same-Sex Nups Now Legal In California

Same-Sex Nups Now Legal In California

More good news from the Supreme Court: after deciding that DOMA violates the Constitution, the Justices decided, again 5-4, that it cannot hear the case about California's Proposition 8 case, meaning that a lower court's ruling against Proposition 8 stands, California's same-sex marriages are valid and they should be able to continue shortly.

From the decision:

"The Court does not question California’s sovereign right to maintain an initiative process, or the right of initiative proponents to defend their initiatives in California courts. But standing in federal court is a question of federal law, not state law. No matter its reasons, the fact that a State thinks a private party should have standing to seek relief for a generalized grievance cannot override this Court’s settled law to the contrary."

More as this story develops.

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