20 Super Gay KY Derby Winners (Based On Name Alone)

20 Super Gay KY Derby Winners (Based On Name Alone)

You could ride these horses all night long and they wouldn't break a sweat. We're talking pros, the creme de la creme: the past winners of the Kentucky Derby, which again kicks off "the greatest two minutes in sports" this weekend. As the ladies in their fabulous hats and the mint julep-sipping men gather together in Louisville, let's take a look at some of the more suggestive, sexy and outright gay winners' names from years past.

Pink Star, 1907: Trust, it's only down hill from here....

Derby1 PinkStar

Old Rosebud, 1914: Sorry, guys...

Derby2 RoseBud

Bubbling Over, 1926: Clearing throat..

Derby4 Bubbling

Gallant Fox, 1930: Sort of a gayish name for someone, no?

Derby5 Gallant

Brokers Tip, 1933: 'Nuff said.

Derby6 Brokers

Calvacade, 1934: Again, no comment needed.

Cavalcade 630x500

Bold Venture, 1936: Here's hoping!

Derby7 Bold

Whirlaway, 1941: You know when dancing queens twirl around in the middle of the dance floor, arms outstretched to no one in particular? That's called a whirlaway, and it's very, very gay.

Derby8 Whirl

Shut Out, 1942: A forebearer to "you've been served."

Derby9 ShutOut

Swaps, 1955: Don't say "versatile," say "I'm a swaps."

Derby10 Swaps

Venetian Way, 1960: Note to self, create 60s-era soap opera about rich gays in Kentucky, living on Venetian Way. Think Designing Women meets Queer as Folk meets Dynasty. Tell no one.

Derby11 Venetian

Chateaugay, 1963: What, too easy?


Lucky Debonair, 1964: Oh, pardon. We thought that said "Lucky Derrière."

Derby11 Lucky

Majestic Prince, 1969: Here's a fun fact, in 139-years there has never been a Kentucky Derby with "queen" in their name.


Dust Commander, 1970: If after a long session someone calls you "Dust Commander," just take it as a compliment.

Derby13 Dust 0

Foolish Pleasure, 1975: Isn't it all?

Derby14 Foolish

Sunny's Halo, 1983: Don't you envision some early-80s twink in his hot pants, all angelic and 18 and ready to be ruined?

Derby15 Sunny

Lil E. Tee, 1992: Such a drag queen name.

Derby Lil

Go For Gin, 1994: This phrase is best paired with a chaise lounge.

Derby16 Gin

Thunder Gulch, 1995: Interpret that as you will...

Derby17 Thunder
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