He-Man’s Five Gayest Adventures

He-Man’s Five Gayest Adventures

We loved when we saw that over at Cartoon Brew they selected the "He-Man's Five Gayest Adventures"—even if it was just the collage of images from our youth that C. Edwards put together. While we think the rainbow-colored time corridor (and lisping rabbit) of the “Quest for He-Man,” may in fact one of the gayest cartoon episodes EVER (and we definitely think He-Man is one of the Gayest Cartoon Characters of All Time), the others selected are pretty homoerotic in their own way.
Check out the entire explanation here at Cartoon Brew.

1. "The Cosmic Comet"

2. "Quest for He-Man"

3. Any Appearance of Duncan, Man-at-Arms

4. "The Laughing Dragon"

5. "Fisto's Forest"

[Source: Cartoon Brew]

Tags: Popnography

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