The Gayest Cartoon Characters Of All Time


Inspired by The Family Guy's Stewie sauntering out of the closet a few weeks ago, we happily dove back into our childhoods to come up with a list of the other nine gayest cartoon characters to grace the small screen. Here are a few of our two of our favorites, but you can see the whole list at

Vanity Smurf
With a pink flower bedecking his cap
and a mirror perpetually in hand, this frequently "misundersmurfed
smurf" will dutifully talk fashion with his best girlfriend but let’s
face it: he's generally just besmurfed with himself.

The purple-clad Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtle is not just into partying and eating pizza like his compatriots.
He likes art and finding the intellectual solution to problems. The
turtles were named after great renaissance artists, but with
Donatello's aesthetic tendencies, he might as well have been named
Georgia O'keefe.

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