WATCH: Glee has a 'Kiki'

WATCH: Glee has a 'Kiki'

Background - Kurt asks his boss Isabella, Sarah Jessica Parker, to join him and Rachel for Thanksgiving. She accepts and asks if she could bring a few friends to their rustic digs in Bushwick. To Kurt's surprise, a few friends meant an army of fashionistas, gays, and even Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race at his door, but Isabella was running late (in a very Carrie Bradshaw manner), so she called Kurt:

Jake Shears tweeted his thoughts on the mashup cover to Chris Colfer, "I LOVED It!!! One of the most exciting things I've ever seen!!! So happy. Thank you GLEE!!!" Make sure to keep a look out for Kurt's scissor lapel pin he just happened to put on piror to the impromptu dance and song.

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