Ewan McGregor Dares Louis C.K. to Do It

Ewan McGregor Dares Louis C.K. to Do It

You may have heard the news that undeniably heterosexual comedian Louis C.K. shares the desires of millions of gay men and straight women and wants to have sex with Ewan McGregor. And nobody is blaming him. With that cheeky grin, devilish eyes, and adorable accent, who doesn’t want to have sex with Ewan McGregor?

Well, before the dust could settle from the hysterical and spot-on standup act that got Louis C.K. so much attention, McGregor stopped by Conan and upped the ante.

“I’d like to see if he’d put his money where his mouth is,” McGregor told the late night host on Monday while promoting his new film, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

Is this all it takes?

Maybe it is time we started publicly professing our love for all those beautiful celebrities out there.

Oh, wait. We doa lot...OK, a whole lot.

Guess it doesn’t work for everyone. In the mean time, check out the clip for yourself courtesy of Team Coco.

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