Flykingi has 'Gotta Go'


We weren’t expecting much when we got an announcement touting California-based rapper Flykingi's big YouTube numbers for his “Gotta Go” video. So the openly gay hip-hop hopeful racked up 45,000 views in a month, we thought, but plenty of things go viral. And then we watched the video.

While some in the office were dismayed by Flykingi’s drop-crotch pants, and rightly so, it was the catchy song—playing on bladder med Detrol’s infamous commercials—that really won us over.

Though there’s a hint of Under Construction–era Missy Elliott going on here, the track’s in no way a throwback. The song is catchy and fun and the dance-fueled video, featuring weird moves, colored contact lenses and repeated shout outs to cherry vodka mixed with Mountain Dew Code Red, certainly earned its views—especially the dozen or so we’ve racked up since discovering it just last night.

Tags: Popnography

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