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Chloë Sevigny’s Killer Instincts: don’t f**k with her eggs!

In her first starring role on an American TV series, she’s scary-good. (Also, don’t f**k with her eggs.)

Banshee's Hoon Lee on What It Takes To Play a Bad-Ass Beauty

Throwing shade as TV’s best-dressed genius bad-ass

Need to Know: Aneurin Barnard

Get ready for the actor's brooding good looks in the new thriller from lesbian director Francesca Gregorini

Catching Up With G.B.F.'s Michael J. Willett

High school’s hot new accessory

Nashville's Chris Carmack on Playing Gay Country Singer Will Lexington

The other hot gay country singer we're sweating.

National Teen Angst Awareness Month

We rate the current films' most tortured protagonists based on our Carrie White scale of anguish.

Xavier Dolan: Crossing Over

With his epic transgender love story, 'Laurence Anyways,' indie filmmaker Xavier Dolan takes his place at the table. Just don’t call him an activist.

The Danciest Gender Studies Course Ever

How to party to The Knife's scholarly new album.

This Month’s Craziest B**ch on Screen

Why you need to watch K-11 and what Kate del Castillo has to do with K-Stew.

Rachel Maddow's Latest Venture

Songwriting? Musician Erin McKeown on textual intercourse with a political pundit.

No Longer a Girl

The latest in a new generation of fashion muses, singer-songwriter Christopher Owens strikes a pose just as he strikes out on his own.

Forget 'Glee.' Chris Colfer Gets Grim

We caught up with the actor as he prepares to unveil 'Struck By Lightning,' a dark teen comedy he wrote and stars in

Out100: Sharon Needles

Stylemaker of the year.

The Month Monster Movies Got Real Gay

Fanged pretty boys. The ditzy undead. A she-wolf in the closet. It's all heading to a cineplex near you.

Catching Up With Alicia Silverstone

With two films and a Broadway play about porn stars on the horizon, our second-favorite Cher is back in a big way.

Adam Pally

Bro-ing out with the actor behind TV's funniest gay character.

Tea and Spit

A renowned San Francisco performance collective launches its own imprint.

The Devil and Miss Needles

Spooky drag superstar Sharon Needles vigorously wrestles her demons -- without smudging her lipstick.

On a Mi(ssion)

Cody Critcheloe has a high-concept, queer art project with a beat.

Light it Up

'Sparkle' is more than a send-off -- it's a celebration.