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Quickies: Peter Som capsule collection? Stefano Pilati for YSL and more

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Peter Som (pictured) hinted interest in an H&M or Target line. We just hope he doesn't overlook the boys. [ The Cut ]

Stafano Pilati will launch his first unisex collection for YSL next month. It includes a men's and women's line and the suits were inspired by the iconic Le Smoking look St. Laurent introduced in the 60s. Two Times of London reporters got to try the goods on. And we hate them [ Time UK ]

First Steven Alan, and now Opening Ceremony for Uniqlo? So says the rumor mill...[ Refinery 29 ]

In other London news, citizens who overdress their pets could face legal action. We're all for a cute jumper or raincoat on our four-pawed-pal, but when it comes to dresses and pearls, we're glad someone is laying down some sort of law. [ Racked ]

Apparently certain colleges have "Chuck Bass Fridays." Says show stylist Eric Daman: "Bass goes beyond my personal style, I wish I had the money and youth to carry off his looks. It's just un reve [a dream] to dress a womanizing straight boy in such dandy apparel. I've read blogs from different colleges that actually have Chuck Bass Fridays. There is a whole movement behind him and his wardrobe which is sooo gratifying because, lets face it, men really should dress better. There is no one favorite look, I just try to keep him up to par each episode, which is no easy task." So, otherwise slovenly frat boys dapper themselves up to emulate the Gossip Girl bad boy? No more polo shirts, popped collars and baggy jeans? Gossip Girl really is a Godsend! [A Shaded View]

The Guardian presents us with a list of celebrity hair do's and don'ts. Among the perps: Donald Trump, Axl Rose and Jon Bon Jovi. Nothing shocking there. [ The Guardian ]


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