Summer Trend to Avoid: Man Cleavage

Wearing it right. A look from Hugo Boss. 

On any particularly warm summer day in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, it's not uncommon to stumble upon a wild gay man in his natural habitat flashing his man-cleavage all over town like he's Sharon Stone . What do I mean? Let me walk you through it.

Typically, an athletic or muscular man will wear a too-tight, v-neck t-shirt that plunges to the bottom of his beefy, overly tanned and hairless pecs. This exposes the defined line down the middle of the man's chest—demanding that everyone look at his tits—and leave the rest of the shirt to cradle the nipples. In other words, it creates a man bra.

I understand that you want to show off your hard work toward looking like Thor but sporting a man bra and lacking any trace of chest hair won't promote the "super masculine look" you are probably striving for.  A little androgyny can be very chic on the right body type (see photo) but if you're 6'2", built like a truck and your pecs can fill a C-cup, please avoid the deep v-neck shirt. Thank you for your understanding.

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