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Catching Up With Lynn Shelton


The 'Your Sister's Sister' director says she's a 'shy bisexual' and crushes on gay men.

The actress-writer-director Lynn Shelton won our hearts with her homosexy 2009 movie Humpday, about male buddies who try to get it on. Her latest film, Your Sister's Sister (out June 15), is about an aimless bachelor on a mission to find himself. The cast includes a must-see trio of actors: Mark Duplass (Humpday), Rosemarie DeWitt (Rachel's Getting Married), and Emily Blunt (Young Victoria) that deal with sibling rivalry and sexual identity.

The film was a hit at Sundance and has received many rave reviews; the New York Times' Stephen Holden describes the film as: "poignant, witty, brilliantly written and acted film is even better than Ms. Shelton's last, 'Humpday,' which also presented a dicey sexual puzzle as a kind of mathematical problem."

Out: In Your Sister's Sister, one character's lesbianism is a surprise.

The key to the ilm is all these little reveals. You don't know she's a lesbian at first; I wanted it to be an organic thing. When you find out, it changes this encounter between people getting to know each other.

If they were both straight, there would be potential for something to happen. But both of them know that's off the table, so they're able to relate in a way that is freer.

The guys in Humpday weren't able to go through with having sex. Why?

The guys in that film were truly straight--they were people who tried being gay just for a few hours and couldn't do it.

Do you like pushing boundaries?

There was a time where I had this fantasy that, if it weren't for society's taboos, anybody could fall in love with anybody. I'm kind of a shy bisexual, so I felt myself crushing on all kinds of people, including gay men.

Your Sister's Sister opens June 15.

Watch the trailer below.

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