Batwoman Reborn

Batwoman Reborn

Batwoman was first introduced in the 1950s to serve as a love interest for Batman and a foil to the rumors of his homosexuality. She wasn’t the coolest though, and would use girlie cliché props like trick powder puffs and lipstick to fight crime. She disappeared into comic book ether, a corny throwback to a bygone era. DC Comics recently rebooted their entire universe with "52", a series that forced smaller DC characters into the spotlight. Here, Batwoman found a new persona as a chesty vigilante and lipstick lesbian who has a past with Renee Montoya, a ex-police officer who also has starring role in the "52" series.

Catch up with your favorite Sapphic crime fighter in this exclusive preview of issue 3, on sale November 9th. 

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