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Op-Ed: Trinity the Tuck Is the True Winner of ‘All Stars 4’


Out’s editors debate the true winner of the season.

For the finale of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars season 4, Out editors describe why their favorite queens have already won.

As Naomi Smalls, said in response to possible criticism of kicking Manila Luzon out of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars season 4 last week, "Life's not fair." But, if it were and the rules of fairness were applied to All Stars 4, tonight Trinity the Tuck will be taking home a crown, a scepter, and $100,000.

Trinity started the season strong. And when I say started, I truly mean started; her first appearance in the work room, where she started as a garment bag labeled "toxic waste" and then revealed a radioactive green gown made entirely of zip ties.

"I'm made of plastic; I might as well wear plastic," she says. And while it was indeed a cute ode to self-awareness, it became more of a moment when Sarah Paulson took notice later on Twitter. As the look was inspired by a Paulson look from an Oceans 8 premiere (Prada, naturally) getting recognition from the actress (and her stylist) was a big deal. But Trinity didn't return to the show, where she made top four on her original season, to just accumulate celebrity adulation and deliver one-liners (which, she did all season). She came back to win.

Trinity possesses an undeniable work ethic, a well-lauded presence on the runway, and the aforementioned self-awareness. During the premiere, after her entrance, she went on to stun the judges and audience with a comedic set during the "Variety Show" based on performing her tuck, something few queens would have considered a "talent" prior. Her portrayal of Caitlyn Jenner will certainly go down as one of the best "Snatch Game" sets in Drag Race herstory -- and with "Snatch Game" being one of the most important competitions of the series, that's important.

But Trinity also brings a polish and a professionalism to her drag that should be expected of any All Stars winners. Week after week she turned out looks on the runway that showed a fully conceptualized concept, were loyal to her personal brand, and felt fresh.

Even in Drag Race the reality show, she didn't do badly. After stating early that she was going to judge the competition based on who was performing best (because are you really the best if everyone else is eliminated on technicalities?) she stayed true to the idea. No, she wasn't the messy queen who started the drama, but her ability to essentially play narrator for the show with a level of impartiality, but to spice it up with a few shady statements, deserves recognition.

There is something to be said for having a highly melanated top four. That was a phenomenon I hoped would turn into seeing our first our first black winner Hall of Fame inductee. And while I am excited about the finale (Naomi has my heart and Monique Heart really won Drag Race the reality show) if we're being honest, we all know that Trinity, who has won the most challenges of the top 4, has truly already won the competition.

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