The OUT Guide to Ceramics


Photography by Joshua Scott

With the right tableware, even the worst cook can impress his guests. Whether you’re contemporary or conservative, we selected some of the classiest dinner plates from all corners of the world -- some are so beautiful that they will be a feast for the eyes, too.

Clockwise from top: Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Mega Dinner Plate #6, $120; DFC Royalty Decorative Plate, $120; Nikko Ceramics Cloud Dinner Plate, $74; Rory Dobner Smoky Fish Decorative Plate, $120; Wedgwood & Bentley Anthemion Blue Tea Saucer, $160,; Hermès Cheval d’Orient Dessert Plate, $260; Wedgwood & Bentley Anthemion Blue Accent Salad Plate, $210,

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