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Expert Advice: Kitchens

Arclinea Boston owner Philip Guarino says that contrary to popular belief people generally need less kitchen than they think. Forget about linear feet! The leading kitchen system designer offers some tips for making the most out of the space you have. Know your flow: A kitchen can be divided into four zonesprep, cooking, cleaning, and ritual. Ask yourself how you use each and minimize the steps you take between them. The fridge should be convenient to prep, cooking, and cleaning spaces. Put in an oven wall unit. Its easier to check on and you can move hot dishes from higher to lower areas more quickly. Clear the counter: Avoid breaking up the counter space too much; use rail systems to move things up to the wall and appliance garages to store small appliances. Break it down: The kitchen needs to communicate with other rooms in your house. Eliminating walls integrates it into the rest of your living spaces. If you cant take down walls, at least maintain an aesthetic dialogue between the kitchen and other rooms. Streamline: In small spaces even handles and pulls can cramp your kitchens style. Use integrated handles or grooves on drawers and appliances to minimize. Though the space this hardware takes up is minimal, the visual clutter creates claustrophobia in an already tight spot. Send a letter to the editor about this article.
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