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Poll: Bernie Sanders Got the Most LGBTQ+ Votes on Super Tuesday

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders

With 14 states voting, Super Tuesday is a big deal on the road to the presidential nomination. This year, possibly even more so: directly ahead of the big day a few candidates suspended their campaigns, decisively narrowing the field, and with the votes in, we’re expecting more of that. But, according to NBC News, exit polls report that Bernie Sanders was walked away from the day with more votes from self-identified queer and trans folks, than any other Democratic candidate.

NBC polled 12 of the 14 Super Tuesday states and found that 42 percent of LGBT voters cast their ballots for Sanders. And when combined with their polling that shows that almost one of every 10 voters identified as LGBT, that’s big news and NBC referred to it as “disproportionately high.”

No other candidate came close to the Vermont senator in terms of the queer vote. Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusets picked up 22 percent. When combined with Sander’s numbers, this means that some 64 percent (or almost two thirds) of queer and trans voters are going progressive. 

Vice President Joe Biden, who hit his stride late in terms of support, wound up with 19 percent, while Michael Bloomberg pulled in 6 percent. 

It’s worth noting that though Pete Buttigieg suspended his campaign prior to Super Tuesday, he still pulled in 6 percent of the queer vote in these 12 states. This was due to early voting. 

Of those polled, 79 percent self-identified as either “very liberal” or “somewhat liberal.”

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