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Homophobic Pete Buttigieg Voter Learns Pete Is Gay

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg on stage in a diptych with an Iowa caucus voter.

She immediately asked to change her vote at the Iowa caucus.

I'm just going to keep it entirely real here: I'm not exactly sure what is going on with the Iowa caucus right now. Apparently there was an app that was used this year and it malfunctioned? This comes after a night of flipping coins to find out who won what. Our electoral process ladies and gentlemen!

But during voting, one Pete Buttigieg voter has a revelation about her chosen candidate.

"Are you saying that he has a same sex partner?" a woman wearing a Pete Buttiegieg sticker and denim jacket says in a YouTube video uploaded today. The voter also notably was wearing two stickers for Amy Klobuchar.

"Pete?" Buttigieg's precinct manager responds. "Yes!"

"Are you kidding? The caucuser responds. "Well I don't want anybody like that in the White House. So can I have my card back?" She's clearly asking for the card to change her vote.

"We can go ask," the manager says.

"I never knew that," the caucuser continues.The manager, who clearly has much more patience than many of us, explains that Buttigieg is a human like everyone else and his sexuality shouldn't matter. You know, the same thing we've all been saying for ... IDK, over half a century at this point.

"Well he better read the Bible!" the caucuser counters. The pair continue to go back and forth over it a bit, with the voter asking why the Bible advocates for marriage between men and women.

"How come this has never been brought out before," she probes. There is a ... pregnant pause before the manager and an aide respond.

"It's common knowledge," they say.

"I never heard it," the voter responds. You really can not make this stuff up! The manager presses on asking should it really matter whether a candidate is a man or a woman or gay or straight if you believe in their policies and platform.

"It all just went right down the toilet," the caucuser says. "That's where it went."

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