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'Legendary's Jarrell Gucci Wants You To Know He's Butch and Fem

Jarrell Gucci Butch and fem challenge

In the past month, we've had to pour one out for the debut season of HBO Max's Legendary which came to a close in July. The House of Balmain took home the series' (and ballroom's) first $100,000 grand prize as well as the top title. And though the show was renewed for a second season, that won't likely be out until 2021 and include a new cast of houses. Thankfully, social media has made it easy to keep up with all of our favorites.

Whether its Gravity Balmain teaching us floor performance, Jazzul Escada and his thirst traps, or Packrat Lanvin showing us her successes as a professional dancer, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have given us the ability to stay in touch with the cast. And it looks like the House of Gorgeous Gucci's Overall Father Jarrell Gucci has something he wants us all to know: he can be both masculine and feminine.

"Yooooo Dyllon Burnside, I did it!!" He wrote in a caption to an Instagram challenge. "The #ButchFemmeChallenge Gorgeous Gucci Style! My First Tik Tok Ever!!

"Be unapologetically and authentically you!!" he continued. "It's ok to be masc with sass."

The post came as a response to Pose actor Dyllon Burnside starting a new challenge across TikTok and Instagram. Pulling from a scene on Pose where his character Ricky explains to Pray Tell that he could be "butch and femme at the same time," Burnside challenged followers to show their own duality. Gucci responded to the challenge, using it to launch his own TikTok under the name BigDaddyGucci. Make sure to follow before Donald Trump shuts down all of TikTok's fun.


Pose actor Johnny Sibilly has also joined in on the challenge.

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