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Fox News' Andrew Napolitano Accused Of Sexual Assault By Two Men

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One victim alleges the former judge exchanged sexual acts for lenient sentencing.

Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano, a former New Jersey judge, is being sued by two separate men for sexual assault.

In a suit filed on September 11, Charles Corbishley accuses Napolitano of forced oral sex in an event he claims happened in 1987 when he was 20 years old.

The other victim, James Kruzelnick, filed his suit on Monday, and alleges that Naplitano stalked him when he was a waiter between 2014 and 2017, and would later coerce him to do strange sexual acts before attempting to rape him.

Corbishley first met Napolitano as a defendant in his own courtroom. The then-20-year-old was facing three counts of arson, according to, and had hired defense attorney Robert Hollis who helped transfer his case to Napolitano's court.

Hollis allegedly told Corbishley that Napolitano was his friend and that the judge would "take care of your case."

The lawsuit states that Hollis, who was charged for laundering money for prostitution rings in 1998, told Corbishley to meet Napolitano at a private residence in New Jersey and to bring a snow shovel. When he arrived, the judge allegedly told him to shovel the driveway, which Corbishley claims was already shoveled.

Later, Napolitano allegedly appeared outside in a long trench coat and told Corbishley, "You know... you could be going away for a long time." According to the suit, Corbishley alleges Napolitano then forced him to perform oral sex and told him to "be a good boy."

Corbishley alleges he ran away crying after the incident. Hollis later told him to plead guilty to all three charges, for which Napolitano gave him a "remarkably lenient sentence" of five years probation and 150 hours of community service. According to Business Insider, Corbishley's co-defendant was sentenced to several years in prison for the same charges.

Kruzelnick, the second victim, reached out to Corbishley's attorneys when Corbishley's story went public.

According to Kruzelnick's lawsuit, filed on Monday, Kruzelnick alleges that Napolitano had an "infatuation" with him when he was a waiter at a popular steakhouse in New Jersey. One night in December 2014, he alleges Napolitano followed him to the bathroom where he groped him from behind, saying, "You are just so hot."

Kruzelnick claims he pushed the former judge away and told him never to do that again. But things quickly took a scary turn.

According to the suit, Kruzelnick says the owner of the steakhouse was friends with Napolitano and ordered Kruzelnick to serve the judge every time he came in. Napolitano's advances became increasingly aggressive until one night, he invited Kruzelnick to his home.

In September 2015, Kruzelnick went to his home with the intention of setting proper boundaries, according to the suit. While he was waiting in the living room, Kruzelnick claims Napolitano came in with his pants down and said, "I want you to do something for me."

The suit claims that Napolitano forced Kruzelnick to play a "daddy" role, which required him to spank Napolitano as he masturbated.

From that night onward, Napolitano continued to pursue Kruzelnick by showing up at the steakhouse regularly. Kruzelnick claims he was afraid of losing his job if he confronted Napolitano. And to make matters worse, Kruzelnick was experiencing workplace harassment by the owner, who would call him "f*ggot" and "gay boy" in front of coworkers.

At one point, Kruzelnick asked Napolitano for legal advice regarding workplace harassment, to which Napolitano allegedly told him, "If you do things for me, I'll do things for you," and forced him to come to his house and spank him again.

Further complicating matter, Kruzelnick's brother, Dallas, was facing criminal charges. Allegedly, Napolitano told Dallas he would help him out, but only if "your brother gives me his full cooperation."

Then, from 2016 to 2017, Kruzelnick alleges Napolitano's sexual demands became more intense, describing them as "abhorrent and repulsive." One such allegation involved Napolitano drugging him and forcing him to have a threesome with a Fox News intern.

Eventually, Kruzelnick says the abuse ended in August 2017 after Napolitano "forcibly sodomized" him, during which Kruzelnick kicked and screamed himself free before running away.

"We find Mr. Kruzelnick to be a very credible witness," Jon Norinsberg, one of the lawyers representing Corbishley and Kruzelnic, told Business Insider. "There are witnesses that corroborate parts of his story, and there are various pieces of corroboration that really support the central claims he's making."

"There is a disturbing pattern," Norinsberg added. "Men who are in a position of unequal power are being forced to do things they don't want to do. And there are consequences they will suffer if they don't do those things."

Napolitano has denied all claims of sexual assault.

The former judge's lawyer, Tom Clare, told Business Insider in a statement, "These allegations are total fiction, and Judge Napolitano unequivocally denies them. This copycat lawsuit, filed and promoted publicly by the same lawyers representing career criminal Charles Corbishley, is nothing more than a pile-on attempt to smear Judge Napolitano for their own financial gain."

Kruzelnick is seeking $15 million in damages, while Corbishley is seeking $10 million.

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