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The 1975's Matty Healy Kisses Man in Protest of Malaysian Antigay Laws

Now, an entire music festival has been canceled in response to his stunt.

15 of the Best, Most Iconic Met Gala Looks by LGBTQ+ Celebs Over the Years

The gays always know how to serve on the Met Gala red carpet!

These States Still Have Laws Banning Sodomy in 2022

After Clarence Thomas said he wants to overturn Lawrence v. Texas, will we have to worry about anti-sodomy laws again?

Kevin Spacey Charged With Four Counts of Sexual Assault in UK

Just as he was attempting a comeback, Spacey is facing criminal charges again.

There's a Reported Rise in Discrimination Against LGBTQ+ Couples

“We have seen a significant rise and a very troubling rise in these cases, and it's not an accident,” 

Chechen Leaders Charged Over Alleged 'Gay Purge,' LGBTQ+ Torture

The charges will be brought in Germany, as the law allows for prosecution of crimes against humanity in their courts when international efforts fail.

Venezuela's Secret: Crimes Against LGBTQ+ Migrants And Sex Workers

A journey across two continents and four countries to some of Latin America’s most dangerous places reveals a humanitarian crisis that can no longer be ignored.

Trans Swimmer to Be Paid $300,000 After Suing School Over Transphobia

Nick Himley fought backagainst transphobia and won, marking a major victory for the rights of trans athletes. 

International Court Calls for Repeal of Jamaica's Homophobic Laws

Archaic British colonial laws still punish “the abominable act of buggery” with up to 10 years hard labor.

With Country Distracted, Trump Continues Assault on LGBTQ+ Rights

As the news is inundated with updates about possible impeachment, the administration has quietly rolled back protections.

Trump's Promotion of Homophobia Will Impact LGBTQ+ Rights for Decades

“While Donald Trump’s presidency may be coming to end, his devastating impact on our federal courts will take decades to reverse.”

Nigeria Dismisses Charges Against 47 Men Arrested Under Homophobic Law

Prosecutors failed to show up to court and produced no witnesses.

Jeffree Star Accused of Paying Off Sexual Assault Accuser

The allegations include sexual and physical assault as well as bribing witnesses but a sworn affadavit by someone close to accusers, obtained by Out, says it was a "consensual sexual relationship."

New Bill Threatens to Pull School Funding Over Trans Youth

Sen. Kelly Loeffler's "Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act" seeks to take away Title IX funding from schools that allow trans atheletes to compete.

Fox News' Andrew Napolitano Accused Of Sexual Assault By Two Men

One victim alleges the former judge exchanged sexual acts for lenient sentencing.

Lesbian Says She Was Drugged, Abused, Electrocuted by Doctors

Joan Bellingham was 18 when she was first taken to a hospital against her will — a saga that would last nearly 12 years. 

Anthony Rapp Sues Kevin Spacey For Alleged Sexual Assault

The Star Trek: Discovery star spoke up about his allegations in 2017, and now he's taking the disgraced actor to court. 

Trump Admin Request to Dismiss HIV Discrimination Suit Denied

U.S. Naval Academy graduate Kevin Deese is one of two plaintiffs fighting their discharge for living with HIV.