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JoJo Siwa Can't Handle How Hot Miley Cyrus' New 'Flowers' Video Is

miley and jojo

And neither can we!!!

Miley Cyrus' latest single "Flowers" is our first obsession of 2023!

The new song from the acting and singing superstar was released just a few days ago and it hasn't left our playlists (or heads) since then. In fact, the entire internet, and especially the sapphic internet, is buzzing about the new song -- and its accompanying music video.

We didn't see Disco Miley coming, but she is a brilliant and welcome development. "Flowers" is a bass-heavy, danceable song about empowerment and strength, and could easily become a feminist anthem for anyone who's gotten out of a relationship and is ready for something better.

She's had many great songs in the last few years, but this is already among the best songs we've heard from her, reaching the same heights as "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball."

"Flowers" is already a contender for best song of the year, and if it's any indication of what else is to come, this will be the Year of Miley.

While the song is itself a banger and a bop, Cyrus really announces her new era in the music video, which sees her dancing around a beautiful Los Angeles home all by herself. She's here, she's hot, she's happy. And she's available.

The song is already a huge hit, amassing 7.7 million streams on Spotify on its first day, making it the highest streaming debut in Cyrus' career. The song is also battling with Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero" and SZA's "Kill Bill" for the number one spot on the Billboard chart.

This video also marks Miley's return as one of the top figures in sapphic royalty. She works out and dances her way right up to the queer throne, reminding us all that she's been there the whole time.

Nowhere is Miley's status as a sapphic icon more apparent than in influencer, dancer, and actor JoJo Siwa's response to the music video.

"POV me trying to do anything but all I can think about is Miley Cyrus' new 'Flowers' music video," she wrote in the caption to her Insta post.

The video then shows her trying to make a bowl of cereal but just pouring the entire box and gallon of milk into the overflowing bowl, unsuccessfully tying her shoes, trying to drink water, and take a shower, all while being too distracted by Miley Cyrus working out in lingerie to focus on what she's doing.

Siwa had recently also released a similar video showing her spilling water out of her mouth while watching Miley and Fletcher perform "Midnight Sky" on New Year's Eve. We think JoJo's got a crush!

While Cyrus hasn't confirmed it, most fans and critics think the song is about her relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth, whom she married in 2018 and later divorced. Not only was the song and video released on his birthday, the lyrics also contain a supposed nod to the relationship.

Fans have realized that the song's chorus sounds an awful lot like a response song to Bruno Mars' song "When I Was Your Man," which Hemsworth reportedly dedicated to Cyrus during their relationship.

"I should have bought you flowers/and held your hand" Mars sings, while Cyrus responds, "I can buy myself flowers/I can hold my own hand." "Shoulda gave you all my hours when I had the chance/take you to every party cause all you wanted to do was dance," he continues. "Talk to myself for hours, say things you don't understand/I can take myself dancing," Cyrus sings in a very similar tune.

Miley Cyrus is back on top of the world, and there's no place we'd rather have her. She'll be releasing her new album Endless Summer Vacation on March 10. Get ready for even more great songs from her this year.

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Mey Rude

Mey Rude is a journalist and cultural critic who has been covering queer news for a decade. The transgender, Latina lesbian lives in Los Angeles with her fiancée.

Mey Rude is a journalist and cultural critic who has been covering queer news for a decade. The transgender, Latina lesbian lives in Los Angeles with her fiancée.