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Lana Del Rey's Boyfriend Has Kissed Men & Biphobic Fans Are Losing It

Lana Del Rey's Boyfriend Has Kissed Men & Biphobic Fans Are Losing It

Jack Donoghue

She is currently dating musician Jack Donoghue.

Lana Del Rey is continuing to live her Americana fantasy with her brand-new boyfriend --but some pretty wild online discourse has been going on about her new man's potential bisexuality.

On Tuesday, July 12, Salem band member Jack Donoghue shared a post that seems to confirm his long-rumored relationship with Del Rey. In the pictures, Donoghue and Del Rey pose in front of what appears to be a prison. "Family visit," he wrote in the caption.

After these new photos were reposted by Pop Crave on Twitter, however, a swarm of fans started to flood the comments section with older videos and pictures from Donoghue's Instagram where he is seen kissing other men.

The top response in the comments section is an eight-second video from Donoghue's Instagram where he is seen making out with another man.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for "jokes" and snarky comments to be made regarding Donoghue's sexuality.

Tweets about Jack Donoghue

For context, all of these videos and pictures referenced by fans where Donoghue is seen kissing other men on Instagram are real. The musician has indeed shared quite a few posts kissing other men, as well as other women, on his social media accounts. These are all very old posts from years before he was dating Del Rey.

Some critics are clinging to the latter post where Donoghue suggests that he's tongue-kissing his "first cousin." However, the general impression from these comments is that people are baffled and/or appalled by the fact that Del Rey is dating a guy who is potentially bisexual and who has openly shared - and kept - Instagram posts of himself kissing other men. According to The Daily Mail, Donoghue has been "described in the press at various times as heterosexual, gay, and bisexual."

Altogether, a lot of these comments are coming off as biphobic. Thankfully, certain fans have been responding to these problematic tweets questioning whether or not Del Rey should be dating Donoghue if he happens to be bisexual.

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