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Warner Bros. Reportedly Not Worried About Ezra Miller Controversies

Warner Bros. Reportedly Not Worried About Ezra Miller Controversies

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Even after another arrest, the studio’s plans for The Flash film and the future have not changed.

Ezra Miller keeps on landing in legal trouble, but Warner Bros. is reportedly not worried at all.

After The Flash and Fantastic Beasts star was arrested again in Hawaii this week, many fans have been wondering if the embattled actor's future in either major franchise is up in the air and have been waiting for a comment on the matter from the studio behind both films. Unfortunately, it seems like we won't get one any time soon.

Warner Bros. has been silent on Miller's actions and their future with the studio, offering no comment on the controversies, other than to confirm that The Flash is still in post-production and scheduled for its June 23, 2023 theatrical release date.

Right now, Deadline reports Miller is not committed to appear in any future Harry Potter films after The Secrets of Dumbledore, but their role as The Flash in Warner Bros.' other blockbuster franchise appears to be holding steady.

While there had been reports that Warner Bros. and DC Films had an emergency meeting after Miller's initial arrest in Hawaii, the studio ended up debunking those reports, and Miller's DCEU future seems intact.

Even with news coming on Tuesday that Miller was arrested again in Hawaii, just four weeks after they were first arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment in the same state, Warner Bros. isn't speaking out. This time, Miller was arrested for second-degree assault following an incident where they allegedly threw a chair, hitting a 26-year-old woman on the head, resulting in a cut.

The latest Fantastic Beasts film did have the lowest opening of any Harry Potter film, and a confluence of events including Miller's controversies, Johnny Depp being recast, the pandemic, and J.K. Rowling's descent into TERFdom, has put the future of the franchise in question.

Still, it's surprising that Miller's actions haven't landed the actor in more hot water, or resulted in seemingly any real-world ramifications.

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