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Latrice Royale Says Her Size Makes Folks Assume She & Her Husband Aren't Together

Latrice Royale Says Her Size Makes Folks Assume She & Her Husband Aren't Together


The Drag Race legend and hubby Christopher Hamblin open up about the reactions they get from folks based on their size.

Latrice Royale and her longtime partner Christopher Hamblin are getting real about different aspects of their loving marriage, including the assumptions (or lack thereof) people make about them based on their size and appearance.

In a recent video interview for StyleLikeU(a body-positive media brand that uses content to promote self-acceptance), the legendary queen, who rose to fame and made a name for herself on RuPaul's Drag Race season 4, All Stars 1, and All Stars 4, was joined by her husband to talk about a different array of topics, all while slowly stripping down to their undergarments.

One of the first things that came up in the discussion was how others react to, and the assumptions others make about the couple based on, their size difference, and Royale and Hamblin's revelations were eye-opening.

"Can you talk about the assumptions people make about you as a couple?" one of the StyleLikeU producers asks the pair.

"They don't," Royale responds frankly. "They assume that we're not together."

"We're always overlooked at airports. They definitely always assume that we're not together or that we're not in first class."

"If we are seated next to each other, there are a lot of times that the airline staff will assume that I am trying to move away from him because of his size," Hamblin adds. "Or we will be asked by, usually, a middle-aged, heterosexual, white couple that wants to sit together and they don't realize that we are also trying to accomplish the same goal."

"The fact that, out of drag, I'm a big 'ole Black man, that's the last thing that they would expect, for me to be with Chrisopher," Royale says.

While having your longtime relationship (Royale and Hamblin have known each other for a decade and got married back in 2018) not even be perceived by the folks just because one of you is plus-sized is less than ideal, Hamblin says his relationship with Royale gives others a chance to see people who are different and broaden their horizons.

"I think that people don't even know what assumptions to make about our relationship, because my partner defies so many gender roles," he says. "I think that a lot of people see us as so outside of the box, that they don't know what assumptions to make, and it gives us an opportunity to write a new script."

Watch Latrice and Christopher's full interview with StyleLikeU in the video below.

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