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Holland Really Wants to Kiss & Have Sex With Lil Nas X

Holland Really Wants to Kiss & Have Sex With Lil Nas X

Holland; Lil Nas X
Instagram (@holland_vvv/@lilnasx)

Are we about to get a new gay power couple in the music industry?

Holland is "not afraid" to tell it how it is.

Widely considered the first out gay K-Pop star, the 26-year-old singer recently described an interaction he had with Grammy-winning rapper Lil Nas X in a video shared on social media. The singer reminisced:

"Three days ago, I met Lil Nas X and he said, 'Hi.' I really want to have sex with him. I said, 'Hello,' but he was so busy. Lil Nas X told me I have a good hairstyle, and I told him, 'Give me a kiss' or something like that. 'Please kiss me!' But no..."

This video was posted by Holland himself on social media - and he even tagged Lil Nas X in the post.

Besides being a chart-topping rapper and global superstar, Nas X is also a social media king who always comes up with the most hilarious responses and headline-grabbing statements. And yet, he hasn't yet replied to Holland's post.

Nas X did, however, hit "like" on Holland's Twitter post, as seen below.

Lil Nas X's Twitter

Screengrab via Twitter (@lilnasx)

Holland is shooting his shot, but it's still unclear if Nas X feels similarly about this potential relationship. For now, we'll just keep our eyes peeled for new updates coming from the K-Pop singer and the rapper.

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